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Since 2009 the consulting agency BEAUTEMPS promotes the creativity and the innovation process within teams with a french touch ! (Créativité Opérationnelle & Intelligence collective)

Beautemps' ambition is to help to promote a culture of the Operational Creativity * in the different types of organisations (the companies, the institutions, the universities, the business schools, the artistic communities and the start-ups). 

Beautemps’ expertise is structured on three core activities: the consulting, the workshops and the training.


*Operational Creativity = Motivation + Imagination + Action


The ambition is to understand and make visible  the creative culture of the team. Then to assess it and to mobilise it around the key issues of the company.

  • To make visible the creative culture of the company also encourages the innovation process. It helps to build more profitable relationships with the clients and the service providers. It attracts new talents too and it favours loyalty to the company.

  • Beautemps participates in the new projects, gives pieces of advices to the management teams and the entrepreneurs in the stage of the creation or the transformation of their activity.


Custom made workshops dedicated to the innovation to explore the challenges and to enrich the way of developing new ideas.

  • The creativity workshops are useful to oxygenate routines.


  • Lectures are also given to share expertise on themas linked with  creativity: creative leadership, new forms of collaboration,  empowerment of teams to innovate.


  • BEAUTEMPS also shares its methods, its resources and its « French Touch » spirit.


The purpose is to share best practices  about the operational creativity with beginners and informed professionals too.

  • Programs are designed to better  understand how creativity works and how it feeds the process of innovation.


  • The practical applications of the methods to the real world situations chosen by the participants.


  • Inspiring examples and the user friendly conferences.


  • Beautemps develops different animation tools which are adapted to the companies, universities or the business schools. 

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